I’m getting my first big harvest of raspberries and blueberries this year. This morning’s harvest (after popping some surplus raspberries into the freezer) was a simple and quick breakfast: Add yogurt and muesli to fresh fruit. Yumm!

My garden began about eight or nine years ago with a cutting from a blackberry, given to me by a guy in Berkeley. That was not only my first plant in my food garden, but it is also my first big harvest each year. It’s a well-established perennial that has produced over 50 pints in each of the past two years. I’ve had several 10-pint days of ripe berries and one blast of a day last year at 27 pints.

This year is going well. I’ve been getting a small but steady supply of raspberries and blueberries and (more…)

I’m not planning to count every pint of blackberries that I harvest this year. I’m happy knowing that last year I harvested a total of 54 pints of berries. But, my daily record last year was 10 pints, which I harvested on each of two separate nights. That record has now been blown out of the water. (more…)