The other pages, about the what, why and how of urgan agroecology, are pretty theoretical. In this section, I will accumulate pages about my personal experiences in my own garden. Since I already have detailed blog posts about this topic in the My garden, my life category, the pages here provide summaries and lists that don’t lend themselves to blog posts.

  • What’s growing? A listing of my annual crops that I’ve eaten from my yard, by year.
  • Saving Water, 2009. A tally by month of water I save to irrigate my ornamentals and food crops.

One Response to “My garden”

  1. Kate Henke Says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you last evening at the ecology center. I can see how we may want to dove-tail our efforts at some time. I have been working on creating a cooking school that will interface with urban gardeners, and for people who just want to move away from restaurant dependency.

    Look forward to our next encounter!


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