To contact me, please send email to bob [at] Or just leave me a note in the comment box below.

7 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Kirsten DuBray Says:

    Hi Bob –

    I had a chance to look over your website and was quite impressed. I will direct our dean of PE and Athletics to it also. She’s the one with the city garden.

    Look forward to hearing from you in June.

    1. ramblinrobert Says:

      Glad you enjoyed the website. I’ll be in touch soon about my June Sacramento schedule.

  2. Merryl Says:

    Hello Bob
    I found your site while surfing for info on gooseberries. I have a crop coming up in my yard. They pop up everywhere that I use my own home made compost. Thought the little blighters which we call Cape Gooseberries were indigenous to the Cape province of South Africa here where I live seeing that they grow like weeds. Turns out they come from South America!
    But that’s by the way… I have just recently met a young man who is trying to get an urban gardening community going in our area and will direct him to your site. I, myself, am now looking at replacing exotic ornamentals with food plants…. out of necessity and desire.
    Thank you for a well laid out site and all the info you share

    1. ramblinrobert Says:

      Glad my site is useful for you. I’m not surprised the Cape Gooseberries grow well where you are, too. Both South Africa and the California Bay Area have Mediterranean climates, so we can grow pretty much the same things. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sofia Tselentis Says:

    Bob, I have enjoyed reading your website.

  4. Hello!

    Fell over your webiste looking for interesting urban gardening project in Torino. I am taking a group of swedish producers to Torino in october and would like to show them something different to teh native swedish countryside. For myself i am a permaculturist and have my own garden on the swedish westcoast but am involved in some urban guerilla gardening groups and in the transition movement in Sweden.

    I would like to organize a little urban garden tour in the city of Torin….is it possible do you think?

    Thank You for a very nice website. Go on! Thanks.

  5. Orlando Says:

    Hi Bob

    This is Orlando Sanchez from Alquiza Cuba, you went to my house 2 years ago. I am the person with the apple farm that took a picture with you. I am currently in Florida Miami visiting and I will like to know if you are available to talk to you I will love to go to California and visit you in your Farm. Let me know if you are available my contact number is 305-798-2947 or 813-495-5519.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

    Orlando Sanchez

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