Me holding the last of my winter 2011-2012 cauliflowers.Welcome. This website is about sustainable urban gardening and farming, with a primary focus on food production, preservation and consumption. It is written to share my personal experiences as an urban gardener and to provide information on a wide variety of topics and issues related to urban agroecology. While agroecology is the underlying theme of this website, special emphasis is given to adapting agroecological practices to constraints faced by people in urban (non-rural farm) environments. There are two types of content on this site. My occasional comments (aka blog posts) about my own gardening in the city and agricultural issues affecting urban gardners and farmers may be found under the “Blog” tab above. These posts also may be accessed through the “Recent Posts”, “Categories” and “Archives” links in the sidebar to the right. Other content is organized under tabs above, providing the bulk of the site’s information about urban agroecology. All of this information may also be accessed through the “Pages” links in the sidebar to the right. I hope this site is helpful for you. I’d like to thank the people of WordPress for making this service available. This includes the volunteers who develop the software at and the company that hosts this site at Please note that all content of this blog is protected under a Creative Commons license, which restricts its re-use by others. In short, you are welcome to use this work, with attribution, for non-commercial purposes. For the legal explanation, click the link below. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. Bob

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  1. Stephanie White Says:

    I’m a graduate student with a background in agroecology, and am now preparing to do research on urban farming in West Africa. I’d like to apply an agroecological perspective in my inquiry, but don’t think there is too much academic literature out there on the subject. I wondered if you could direct me to any peer-reviewed literature on urban agroecology. Thanks in advance, Stephanie

    1. ramblinrobert Says:

      I’m guessing that the academic literature, particularly the peer-reviewed literature, is pretty thin. Most of what you will probably find is conference papers and most of that outside the U.S. For starters, I suggest you visit:

      if you haven’t already. The authors here and the reference lists in their papers will provide you a start on tapping into the urban agriculture literature. Unfortunately, most agroecology literature I’ve seen isn’t urban specific, and most urban literature isn’t agriculture specific. You’re venturing into a new area. The good news is that that means there are lots of opportunities to help construct a new academic field.

      Happy searching. Drop me a line once in a while. I’d love to know how your project goes in Africa.

  2. Hi!!!
    I´m a teacher in Brasil, and I have one project of urban agriculture for education.

    I enjoy your work and will be important for us chage ideias. Save agroecology!


  3. Filippo Says:

    greetings from Italy. My name is Filippo Di Giovanni, in my terrace of Turin north Italy this year I removed the plants and I have rebuilt the garden of my grandfather in Sicily where I played as a child, not just a search of the smells of childhood but also a way to say “you can do” and show my children what it means to go and pick the parsley or lettuce out in your garden. Now thanks to my old study of Agriculture at the University of Palermo (now working in the field of art) in the jars there are carrots, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, melons,eggplant- melenzane and herbs, ecc.. My children wake up and go to check the growth of Cocuzza (Lagenaria siceraria) or beans-fagiolini , if the strawberries are red, the compost has stopped to smell for them. the garden entered in the family. I am glad, I have the smell of tomatoes as a child while taking coffee at 7 am in my balcony. Can be done!
    Take a look at photos. CiaoRegards
    Filippo Blog Ortocasa Torino

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