We all have our habits. One of mine is the kinds of things I eat. Depending upon the crop, I eat roots, stems, leaves and fruits. For some reason, eating flowers rarely comes to mind. (OK, my figs are technically a flower, not a fruit, but that misses the point here.) I have experimented with Calendula flowers, but have never made them part of my habits. That’s too bad, because they are beautiful and add a lovely color to salads or whatever.

So, I’m minding my own business this morning when an email comes across my screen telling me of all the flowers I could be eating. Check out this link with a very long list of edible flowers, plus some sensible precautions. I hope I can change my habits and try eating some of the squash, apple, etc. flowers that I’m already growing but not eating yet.

Shown on this page are Calendula, apple, lemon, pineapple guava, leek, and okra blossoms, all from my garden, and all listed in the article as edible. And there are more. Oh, my, what have I been missing? (Click on any photo for a larger image.)