Pepino dulce Solanum muricatumLast year I heard about another fruit I hadn’t tried, Pepino dulce. It’s a plant from South America that no longer is found in the wild, but is a domesticated fruit-bearing shrub. The fruit is reputed to taste like a kiwi fruit. Last summer, I got a cutting from someone and got it rooted. It’s been putting out flowers all spring, but I had seen no fruit. I was a bit disappointed to read (here, at the California Rare Fruit Growers‘ site), that they don’t set fruit until night time temperatures are above 65°F. Given our cold spring, with daytime temperatures rarely surpassing that level, I figured I wouldn’t get any fruit for months.

I was surprised last week, when I took a closer look at my Pepino and found about 8-10 fruits already developing. Beautiful little things, aren’t they? I can hardly wait to see what they taste like. To be continued….