With an election coming up, I’m being bombarded with sleazy election materials. So, voting must be on my mind. But, there is nothing sleazy about one of my favorites this year–a new squash I tried, the Italian heirloom trombetta summer squash. The fruit is long (about 15 inches), curvaceous and has a smooth, light green skin. When cooked, the squash maintains a very nice creamy and seedless texture, instead of cooking down like a Zucchini squash. I’ve probably used it most cooked, chilled and tossed into a salad.

It is also very productive–I’ve had about two dozen squash from one plant. Like all my squash, I let it sprawl across my mulched walkways between beds. But, it has a reputation for being a climber that can be trellised. I will definitely grow this again, so growing it vertically will be a fun experiment.