This shouldn’t be a surprise to me, but I’ve got a lot of tomatoes to deal with. Now that our cool summer has turned warm (even a month later than our usual late summer), my tomatoes are ripening. There are a few summer squash coming still, as the photo shows, but the tomatoes are now overwhelming me.  Since I put in about 15 plants and 12 varieties, I shouldn’t be surprised at the volume I’m getting now.  Shown are eight or nine varieties I harvested a few days ago.

As usual, I didn’t have time to plan ahead and figure out what to do with these before hand. People tell me I should can some, but that has always seemed a little scary and it would take me some time to learn to do it safely. So, I’ve now borrowed three dehydrators and am trying to dry some. Aren’t there some dishes that use dried tomatoes? I think I’ve had a pasta made from dried tomatoes. I’ll figure out how to do that next, I guess. In the meantime, I’ve got to go get some more tomatoes drying.

Oh–take a look at one of my tomatoe beds. These plants were amazing, with a couple growing to six and seven feet tall!