I love Brussels sprouts so I decided to grow some this year. I planted them last fall and was disappointed that they didn’t seem to be doing much. But, I left them in since they weren’t taking up much space and now they are growing well. I’ve been ignoring them the past month or two as I’ve focused on putting in my summer crops and on beginning harvesting this year’s berries. A friend was visiting my garden last week and noticed that I had baby sprouts on my plants. I think this is so cool! I’ve always thought that Brussels sprouts looked a little wierd, with the tiny balls of leaves clustered up and down a stalk. I’ve often wondered how they grow that way. Now I know! Each bud grows out of a leaf node. It only looks wierd in the store because the leaves are all missing. I think they look kind of cute right now, with the sprouts just starting to peek out of the leaf nodes.