A friend came by this afternoon for a leisurely visit, bringing along her mother and two dogs. I was happy to show off my garden and to share my early summer fruit crops. Angelina modeled for me with the apricots. She claims to be 85, but I wouldn’t put her at a day over 70. 😉 The apricots are a new crop for me this year, and I am loving them. They are ripening at a rate of about two per day, just falling off the tree when ready to eat. They are juicy with a strong apricot flavor, two things I’ve never tasted in a store-bought apricot. They are yummy!

Although they are not ripe yet, my plums are plumping up and I should have some soon. I did find one that was turning red yesterday, but it was still too tart. I’ll give them more time to ripen.

Cinder managed to find the blackberries pretty quickly and enjoyed picking a few off the vines!