veggies_v2_lI tend to get too busy, trying to fill my life with all the things I love to do. So, it’s nice to remind myself sometimes to slow down, relax and savor the moment. Saturday mornings–like today–are wonderful when I take the time to relax and enjoy my time at home, in the garden and eating breakfast.

This morning, I slept in, then finished reading a novel I’ve been working my way through. I finally got up, did a few chores, then around noon decided it was time for breakfast. I wandered around the garden and found plenty for my Saturdayomelette_l egg dish: crook-necked squash, tomatoes (sungolds, yellow pear, my first Roma of the season), and string beans. That, plus garlic harvested last weekend, were cooked up, then some whipped eggs poured in, covered and baked. I ended up with another delicious breakfast. Everything except the olives in the above picture is from my garden. The eggs aren’t from my garden, but one of these days I expect I’ll have chickens, then I can even have good home grown eggs, too.  For now, I’m happy I’m learning to slow down occassionally and let savoring the moment mean savoring a good breakfast.