My dietary rule is pretty simple: Eat a variety of minimally processed foods with only small amounts of meat and animal products. That has served me well for years. I plant and grow food that I like, without paying attention to what science has to say about it. As readers of this blog know, I grow and harvest a variety of foods that are minimally processed and–at present–I produce no animal products. Two of my favorites are the black raspberries I grow (harvested in late spring, early summer) and the local blackberries I forage in late summer. They taste great, so that provides motivation enough for me.

However, if you’re the kind of person that likes food fads, or scientific justification for everything you eat, this article in the New York Times may be of interest. Apparently, scientists are discovering that some berries, notably raspberries and blackberries, have cancer fighting characteristics.  Whoopee! Go wild! I’ll just keep growing, harvesting, foraging and eating them because they taste good.