The true meaning of Labor Day (lest we forget) is to honor labor. For me, that means appreciating the fruits of my labor in my garden. It is truly a labor of love and gives me great pleasure. Nature is bountiful and, combined with my somewhat haphazard planning and my steady stream of evening and weekend labor, yields a beautiful and tasty result. This weekend I am sharing these results, the fruits of my labors, with friends and family.

Today included turning one of my compost piles, watering and some pruning. It also included walking through the garden delighting in and picking the young and tender string beans, the tomatoes that are (finally) ripening, the steady output of cape gooseberries, the old and new squash and melons that I am trying this year and my first full harvest of apples.  Sharing these will be a pleasure, too, so I’ve been enjoying putting together gift bags of tomatoes, squash, cape gooseberries and apples.

May your own labors be as joyful and productive.